Monday, October 8, 2012

0191: Swallowing the Pill: It’s good because I was told

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It’s sad to see educators so committed to their prescribed “job” that the question, “Am I really doing what I should be doing?” becomes impossible to ask. Unquestioning subservience is an easy trap. It’s required to an extent. If teachers are to hold onto their jobs, they must, at least, pay lip-service to their prescribed roles as test trainers. This sort of unwavering support for the dying and toxic system must be in place throughout the entire system. Dissidents are deemed insubordinates and will quickly find themselves without jobs. There is no need to seek out the verbal rebels, those who complain about the system. Most bend their actions to meet the requirement of the state. We’re evaluated, audited, and constantly watched. We turn in self-evaluations. We tell on ourselves, and trick ourselves into believing we are doing what is best by doing what we’re told. Eventually, we find ourselves resigned to the fact that we are powerless against such a powerful system. That or we become so cynical that we should leave the classroom.

Are our only options to submit or leave? Surely not. Our rebellions must be tactical and individual. Support often can be found outside of our schools, often on blogs, and throughout social media where subversive teachers gather and speak openly about the tactics they use to actually teach in a system that has replaced teaching with training.

I’ve minced my answers and comments with my own questions I’m seeking to answer. Have you, dear reader, found it as productive as I have, or necessary as a human, to foster discussions that lead to a discussion of the education system among students? The discussion often has begun with a student asking why we must bother with a test rather than actually learning.

I aim to be honest in my practice and allow some free drifting, though I’m subject to inserting my own bias.

We teach people not curriculum.

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